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Strategies for Choosing the Right Health Insurance in 2018

The development of insurance shows a fairly high figure in Indonesia, public awareness of the importance of a protection of their health, life and assets is one factor that causes it. People are now smarter and understand the benefits of an insurance service.

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It is also certainly welcomed by insurance companies, where they try to always innovate and give birth to a variety of new insurance products. This is done to meet all customer needs and also provide many options that can be tailored to the interests and needs of each user of their services.

The number of companies engaged in insurance services is also very much, this of course makes a fairly tight business competition, so the companies are competing to provide the best service for their service users.

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Currently there are various types of insurance that you can make as an option, this of course makes you have to be really keen in selecting and choosing one of the insurance services that will be used. One of the most widely used insurance services is health insurance, where the number of users is very high when compared with other types of insurance.

When you decide to use a health insurance service, you are bound to understand all the policies and rules set forth in the insurance policy, this right will prevent you from various losses that could arise due to a lack of precise understanding of the contents of the policy issued by insurance companies.

You certainly do not want to experience it, right?
Although it looks the same, but every health insurance policy issued by the insurance company will have the distinction and excellence of each. This is what you should look into before making a decision, where in many cases some customers feel aggrieved due to lack of understanding and provisions contained in the policy.

Here are some points that you can make as the right strategy in choosing health insurance:

1. Understand Needs

The main thing you need to do before choosing a health insurance is to understand clearly about the insurance needs that you will use. This will help you to find and choose the most appropriate health insurance for you to use, so you can get the maximum benefit from the use of the insurance. Adjust the health insurance with your health needs and other family members, looking at any services provided by the insurance company in detail.

2. Select Protection Type

In some insurance companies, you can choose certain protection services beyond the standard services they provide, this will of course be accompanied by the imposition of a number of additional premium costs. But with the system, then you can get a complete service and best suited to your needs and family. Choose only services that are really needed, so the amount of premiums to be paid can be lighter.

3. Make a Comparison

The large number of insurance service providers, of course, make you have many options that can be considered. Do a comparison between one insurance company with another company, this needs to be done carefully, so you can find the best health insurance services you want.

4. Adjust the Budget

It is no less important to consider is with the financial budget you have for a health insurance service, do not let heavy premiums just make your finances become disrupted. Insurance is a fixed expense that will last for a long time (several years), so it can be assured that this expenditure post will greatly affect your overall financial condition, so consideration is necessary before you make a decision.

This can also be done by creating a payment simulation, you can ask the staff of the insurance company to assist you in doing this. By simulating, you can measure your ability to pay for insurance premiums and make sure what benefits you will get from the insurance because you have the opportunity to ask various information to the staff of the insurance company you meet.

5. Consider the Credibility of Insurance Companies

When going to make a decision about the insurance provider company, it is mandatory for you to see and consider the credibility of the company.

This will help you to avoid the number of losses that could happen in the coming days due to unprofessional actions of the company.

Find and collect accurate information about insurance companies' performance and services, you can easily find all of this through the internet or from friends or family who have used their services before. Be sure to choose the best company services and have a high reputation and credibility in the community.

6. Use Third Party Services

When talking about insurance policies, often you will have difficulty to understand the contents of the policy in detail, this of course cause potential harm to you in the future.

To find and decide which health insurance is most appropriate and appropriate for you to use, it would not hurt you to ask for help to a professional third party, in this case commonly called a "broker".

An insurance broker will help you to analyze your needs and also choose a health insurance service from an insurance company that is most appropriate for you to use.

7. Consider Family Health Insurance

Currently there are insurance companies that provide family health insurance services, where you only need to use one insurance policy for all family members.

This is very effective and more efficient because the amount of premium to be paid is certainly lighter, when compared with the insurance system that implements one policy for every one person.

You may consider using health insurance services with this system, especially if you and other family members are really not using any health insurance services from any insurance company before.

8. Understand Applied Systems

Basically insurance companies apply cashless systems (using participant cards) or reimbursement in their services. These two things will be very different and should be a consideration for you.

Within the cashless system you will find it convenient when you need hospital health services, where you only need to bring and show your membership card at the time of registration at the hospital. You also do not need to make some deposit if you will get inpatient care, so the treatment can run quickly and easily.

While in the reimbursement system, you must make a deposit at the time of inpatient registration, and even you must pay all medical expenses incurred in the hospital.

After finishing the treatment, you can make a claim to the insurer by including the receipt of payment, it will be very inconvenient, considering you can get sick anytime and even when not have a fee to pay for hospital treatment.

9. Partner Hospital

Usually insurance companies already have cooperation with a number of hospitals that they choose, the more number of hospitals their partners, then you will be easier to access it. That way you will have no difficulty in getting the health services you need.

Make sure you choose insurance that has a wide network and cooperation with many hospitals, especially for those who choose cashless system because this insurance service is only valid in hospitals that have cooperation with

Understand and Use the Best

Basically health insurance is a product that has a variety of provisions and rules are quite complex, so for that you must understand and understand clearly about the contents of the insurance policy you use.

This will help you to avoid future problems and losses, so you can get the most out of the health insurance you choose.

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