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9 tips on how to Choose life insurance for beginners

9 tips on how to Choose life insurance for beginners

9 tips on how to Choose life insurance for beginners - Insurance is often regarded by the public eye next to Indonesia. If you compare, from Indonesia, 10 people who have insurance may only 2-3 people. This is not out of a lack of public awareness of the importance of having insurance, especially life insurance.

Life insurance is a type of insurance which will provide protection to individuals and families from financial loss due to the risk of death, disabled for life, until it is no longer productive.

Life insurance like a proverbial "Ready umbrella before it rains." So, before going on to the risk of unwanted, you've been watching before. That way, your life can become quieter because it already has protection. Family finances could also be more stable because of the sum assured if you died.

In choosing the best life insurance, there are several steps that you should pay attention so that later on you are not missteps, as quoted from the comparison site and the submission of financial products HaloMoney.co.id, namely:

9 tips on how to Choose life insurance for beginners

1. Learn about the life insurance product

Your first step should be to recognize in advance the insurance product. You need to know if there are four kinds of life insurance the best there is in Indonesia, namely:

Life insurance-futures

Life insurance futures or known by the name term life insurance is life insurance that provides protection to you in a specific time period only. Usually the offered contract period ranging between 5, 10, and 20 years with a fixed premium.

-Whole life insurance

If the whole life insurance or whole life insurance is life insurance that will provide protection for the rest of your life or until you reach a maximum age of 100 years. The premium paid is higher than life insurance futures.

Life insurance-dwiguna

True to its name, this dwiguna life insurance has two benefits for its users, namely futures and insurance savings. So later on, there will be a sum assured if the insured dies and you can also draw policy within a certain period before the contract is completed. This type of insurance best life more of this demand by the public.

-Life insurance unit links

If life insurance dwiguna insurance offers and savings, life insurance offers insurance and unit link investment in it. Actual premiums offered not much different numbers with the three other best life insurance types, only the amount of money pertanggungannya belongs to the least. This insurance is actually not uncommon, because it combines with the investment so that premiums or tuition insurance is expensive compared to pure life insurance or investment.

2. adjust the premium financial capability

The premium is the budget you have to spend each month to pay for the insurance. Premium payments can be made monthly, three-monthly or six-monthly or quarterly, semiannual, or annual.

To be sure, adjust the amount of the premium with a budget of bulananmu. Ideally, the allocation of funds to pay for the best life insurance is 10-20 percent of the total monthly income. So, if the income bulananmu is USD 10 million, then you can take the maximum premium of Rp 1 million per month.

3. Know the magnitudes of sum assured

His name is also life insurance, definitely there will be a sum assured to be given. This is the value that will be paid to the insurance companies you or Your heirs. Quantity sum assured is highly related to the premium paid. The higher the premium that is paid, usually the higher the sum assured is given.

But there is also a high premium, but money pertanggungannya is very small. This usually happens because the benefits of the premium money was divided into two, namely for savings or investments such as in the type of life insurance dwiguna life insurance and unit link.

4. Look at the track record of the insurance company

Now is the time you select insurance companies. When choosing an insurance company, please choose which has high credibility. These things you can see from the track record of the insurance company. Is there a particular award is given for a few years? The existence of the award could be an indication if the insurance company has a good track record in the eyes of the community.

In addition, the best life insurance company in Indonesia is also supervised by OJK (Financial Services Authority) and have minimum risk-based capital level or RBC (Risk Based Capital) in the appropriate conditions. Please choose the insurance company that owns the RBC high above the minimum provisions.

For example, the insurance company must have an RBC of 120 percent. If the insurance company have the RBC 300 percent, meaning the funds and assets of the insurance company is strong enough to three times of the required provisions. RBC of 300 per cent means that the insurance company can pay claims is three times greater if insurers must pay claims to the customer all in one time.

5. make sure a licensed life insurance agent

Not all of the agents who offer insurance to you is the official agent of the insurance company. There are agents that are only valid as a broker only the alias provider. So before buying the best life insurance, make sure in advance if the insurance agent is an agent that has the menawarkanmu license AAJI (life insurance Association of Indonesia).

The best life insurance agents have a license can get responsible AAJI when there are constraints or administrative obstacles when jobless claims.

6. choose who got the best service 

do you know if a good insurance company can also be seen in terms of the services provided. Always select the insurance companies that have 24-hour customer service so that it can later help you whenever needed, be it when certain information or would like to ask when he wanted to file a claim. Often there are insurance companies that diblacklist by society because of service claims are given very bad.

7. Compare with other insurance companies

Each insurance company has the advantage of best life insurance product. Therefore, you have to be smart and do not directly decide quickly in choosing the best life insurance.

This comparison can you see in terms of premiums, the period of the contract, the sum assured, to the benefits gained. If necessary, you can ask for help insurance agents to make illustrations in advance so that you can easily learn the products offered.

8. learn the contents of the policy carefully

Sometimes when we're fit and feel OK to buy something, we often forget to check carefully the items we buy. This also applies when we are buying life insurance. This attitude you should avoid because of insurance contracts that do not have a minute. So always learn the contents of the policy provided by an insurance agent.

Pay attention to every detail of the points listed, especially the points about the best life insurance claims provisions. If there are less understood, you have to ask it directly to an insurance agent menawarkanmu.

9. Register while still young

Insurance companies generally establish requirements or minimum criteria and up to a certain age, be it for health insurance or life insurance. This is because such a young age have a lower risk compared to old age. So don't be surprised if for the age under 30 years premium offered will be cheaper than the insurance premiums for the above 30 years of age and beyond.

Growing may life long, then the higher the premium you have to pay. So it is better to register yourself since I was young. Insurance premiums are flat kisarannya aliases remain the same for the duration of the contract. So when you sign up when the age of 25 with a contract period of 10 years, then for 10 years the premiums stay the same and has not changed.

That's nine important things that must be known by the beginner before choosing an insurance company. 

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